Stationary roller bed conveyor designed for gentle, continuous handling of bulk materials in various configurations from horizontal to incline (up to vertical). Typical applications include conveying products of a high value or a fragile nature and also steep incline applications.

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Design Features:

  • Multiple configurations for horizontal to vertical applications in lengths to meet specific project requirements.
  • Drives engineered per application.
  • One piece molded base belt and sidewalls with cross-rigid plys to maintain belt stability through up/down transitions. Widths, sidewall heights and compositions designed per application based on material and capacity requirements.
  • Machined trapezoid crown terminal pulleys provide positive belt tracking without damaging belt carcass.
  • Formed 10-gauge frame construction.

Available Features:

  • Dust tight, wash down corrosion resistant and explosion proof electrical packages designed per application.
  • Powered belt thumper assembly for dislodging carryover product.
  • Receiving hoppers.
  • Discharge spouts.
  • Structural supports.
  • Stainless steel construction:
    Corrosion resistant
    Wash down
    Food grade
  • Totally enclosed design to reduce product and environmental contamination.
  • Structural channel frame design.
  • Custom designs to meet customer specifications.

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