Powder and Bulk Engineering
Mini Case History


June 2013 issue

A southern Texas PVC resin manufacturer recently completed construction and start-up of a new packaging facility utilizing Chantland MHS’ latest packaging equipment designs.

About three years ago Chantland MHS was contacted by an engineering firm to provide a ‘budget’ quote for a conceptual packaging system for PVC Resins. There was a minimum amount of information at the beginning stage but our experience was able to fill in the blanks where needed. The project went silent for over a year but when it eventually resurfaced, this $1.9 million dollar project still required several months with the owner, consulting engineer and Chantland MHS’ design engineers jointly coordinating the packaging equipment design and layout. Ultimately the requirements outlined two fully automated 25 Kg packaging lines utilizing four robotic valve bag placers, eight pneumatic bag fillers, two bag check-weigh scales with off spec rejection, date & lot bag printing, two 1500A conventional bag palletizers and two inline stretch wrappers along with ancillary conveyors and equipment to handle a sustained rate of 16 bags per minute. The robotic valve bag placers are set up to place bags on two filling spouts each at speeds of 18 bags per minute and are capable of placing bags on three spouts each. The palletizers stack at 25 bags per minute. The only operator interaction required is to fill the empty bag magazines, fill the empty pallet dispenser and move full pallets to the warehouse.

Additionally the scope of the project included an automated bulk bag filling line. A second bulk line was designed during the process to be incorporated in the future. Chantland MHS bulk bag fillers can operate at sustained rates of 50 bags per hour however this project required a rate of only 14 bags per hour with the only operator interaction required with these is to hang the empty bags, tie off the bag necks and fill the empty pallet dispenser.

And a key element that sets Chantland MHS apart, is that after the manufacture of this system, we fully assembled, hard wired and tested it at our Humboldt, Iowa facility where the customer and other interested parties were able to watch it operate first-hand prior to shipping, to ensure it met their expectations. We do this with every system we build, not as an option, but as part of the firm project price. No hidden costs and no surprises during installation and start-up.

Since 1943 that is what each of our customers has come to expect.  Call us for solutions and put our experience to work for you!

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