Custom Design

This custom design filler addressed a customer who had a special request. They currently filled a 25KG box of paint powder coating directly from a screener into the box. Three operators were committed to making up the empty boxes, inserting liners, getting them in place to fill, monitoring the weight as the box rested on a platform scale and stopping the fill at just the right time, removing the box, tying the liner closed, and taping the box closed. All of this at a rate of about a box per minute.

They were interested in a machine designed to be self contained, to have enough conveyor to allow loading of 6 empty boxes, index the box in one at a time and fill to the correct weight, then to index out the box quickly and get another box in place because there was no surge capacity, and also store about 6 filled boxes. Oh yeah, it also needed to be portable, fit under about 48" tall, and be really easy to clean because they change colors frequently!

Chantland-MHS responded with a field visit. The sales technician was able to propose a combination of several of the components we build, including components from our conveyor designs, packer designs, and controls to offer a Chantland solution.

And like most Chantland solutions, this unit was delivered tested, ready to run. It started up quickly, and the first box weighed 25.01 KG ! The equipment reduced the total necessary labor to one person, who had time to tape boxes shut, palletize them, and load empties that he had prepared in between batches of product. Whether you need help replacing a standard packer, or designing a special piece of equipment customized to fit your application, you can count on the experts at Chantland for reliable, honest information and cooperative engineering to get your problems solved!

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