Robotic Palletizers

A feed manufacturing company in Oklahoma needed to improve their filled bag handling and stacking process to support increased production at their facility. An automated palletizing system was needed but their plant layout and restricted space created a unique challenge.

The solution was to direct the existing four filling lines to three new Chantland-MHS/Fuji robotic palletizers. Production lines 1 & 2 were directed to two Model 201 robots stacking at sustained rates of 20 bags per minute per line. Because of varying bag filling rates, production lines 3 & 4 were directed to a single Model 201 robot where the robot can stack from line 3 only at sustained rates of 20 bags per minute or can stack simultaneously from both production lines 3 & 4 at sustained rates of 10 bags per minute per line.

Both automated palletizing systems include filled bag flattener and pacing conveyors, empty pallet and slip sheet dispensers and related filled pallet transfer conveyors.

Chantland-MHS’ design solution has permitted our customer to minimize employee’s risk of back injuries due to repetitive manual bag stacking motions and to increase productivity by reallocating twenty-one employees across three production shifts. Additionally our customer has projected a payback of this capital purchase within two years!

Chantland-MHS has been meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations since 1943. Call us for solutions and put our experience to work for you!

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