Packaging Project

Chantland-MHS was recently approached by a producer in the powder chemical industry with a specific packaging problem: They were using a gravity fed, netweigh open mouth scale for filling 50 pound open mouth bags with a fine chemical powder product. This producer had issues with fugitive dust, bag weight accuracy, and tight bag sealing because of dust contamination.

Chantland-MHS responded with a field visit and the sales engineer was able to solve the customer’s problems by specifying our 4192 Twin Auger Filler. The twin auger feed design with PLC proved to be excellent at controlling the flow of their fine chemical powder product eliminating the need for their operators to wear goggles, dust masks, and protective clothing. The inflatable bag seal also proved successful in controlling dust and contamination in the bag sealing area.

By elevating the machine, Chantland-MHS was able to allow the customer to use an existing floor scale in combination with the 4192 Twin Auger Filler to fill bulk bags on a limited basis.

During actual product testing, the 4192 Twin Auger Filler provided weighing accuracy better than +/- 2/10th of a pound on a 50 pound bag fill and filling rates over 8 bags per minute. Chantland-MHS’ high accuracy and fast filling rate exceeded the customer’s specifications.

Chantland-MHS has been meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations since 1943. Call us for solutions, and put our experience to work for you!

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