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These conveyors are designed to handle all types of bagged products through filling; closing and palletizing lines. We convey paper, poly and jute bags in upright positions through closing systems; lay them down in-line and at right angles to the closing line and transfer to palletizing areas. We offer many...
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Chantland MHS engineers and manufactures bulk conveyors for a wide range of applications ensuring unparalleled reliability for our customers. We’ve conveyed a wide range of materials since our beginnings weighing as little as 6 lbs. and as much as 300 lbs. per cubic foot and on belts as wide as...
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Engineered for rugged reliability in less than perfect environments, our pallet conveyors incorporate gravity roller, live roller, chain and flat wire mesh belt configurations to keep your pallets moving. We also manufacture pallet dispensers, pallet squaring stations and weighing cells to complete your system.
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Convey virtually any type of container or packaged products requiring transfer through your facility. We manufacture flat slider and roller bed belt conveyor designs for stationary or portable applications in horizontal; inclined and declined orientation. Printable Data Sheet Online Data Sheet
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We recognize that ‘standard’ designs do not always fit some project requirements. To address those situations Chantland MHS has the talent and experience to develop specialty one-of-a-kind conveyors to meet the application.