The Model 1800A is Chantland-MHS’ high-speed, fully automatic bag palletizer with a sustained rate of 30 bags per minute. The 1800A gives you the same quality construction and features as our 1500A palletizer, and is an excellent choice for a high speed bagging line or where two bagging lines merge into one. The machine also features Chantland-MHS’ patented continuous-motion turn wheel. Several options and configurations are available to fit a wide variety of applications.

Operation Description:

The Model 1800A Palletizer system begins with the Incline Bag Flattener, which flattens, shapes and elevates the bags to the proper height for entry into the palletizer. From the Flattener, bags enter the Bag Accumulation and Pacing Conveyors. Together, these conveyors regulate the flow of bags to produce the 30-bags-per-minute palletizing rate. Optional Check-Weigh and Reject Conveyors follow the Pacing and Accumulation Conveyor. Rejected bags are automatically discharged to the Reject Accumulation Conveyor where they can be hand stacked on a reject pallet. Next, bags enter the Bag Positioning Conveyor where they are automatically manipulated to form a pre-programmed bag stacking pattern. The Layer Forming Conveyor provides a staging area. When a half layer is completed, the bags are pushed onto the staging area by the Layer Pusher. The Half Layer Pusher returns to the home position to wait on the second half of layer at the same time the full layer pusher retracts to move the half layer from the satging area to the stripper plate. This process is repeated for the second half layer. Once a full layer is in place on the Stripper Plates, the layer is squared on all sides. The Stripper Plates open, and the layer is deposited onto the pallet, which is located in the Pallet Elevator, just under the Stripper Plates. The Pallet Elevator will then raise up to the compress the top layer against the bottom of the Stripper Plates to perform a layer compression cycle that occurs on every layer. When the pallet receives the pre-programmed number of layers, the elevator lowers and discharges the filled pallet onto the Filled Pallet Conveyor where it can be picked up by a fork truck. At the same time, a new pallet from the Empty Pallet Dispenser enters the Pallet Elevator and raises to the top position, ready to receive the next layer of bags. The only manpower required on this fully automatic system is a fork truck operator to fill the Empty Pallet Dispenser and to remove the filled pallets from the Full Pallet Conveyor.

Design features:

  • Empty pallet dispenser with 20 pallet capacity
  • Low pallet alarm
  • Empty pallet conveyor
  • Automatic empty pallet squaring
  • Bag accumulation and pacing conveyor
  • Patented continuous motion turn wheel
  • Automatic layer forming and pushing
  • Automatic layer squaring
  • Automatic layer compression
  • 4000 lb. capacity elevator/hoist
  • Filled pallet discharge conveyor
  • Allen Bradley PLC control system with production reporting
  • Operator deck and access platform
  • Touch screen with full system self diagnostics
  • Quick Change Package - minimizes change over time when forming more than on bag pattern or product

Available Features:

  • Bag Turner conveyor
  • Bag Flattener conveyor
  • Power Belt Curve conveyors
  • Check Weigh conveyor
  • Reject conveyor
  • 180 Degree Inline Bag Turner conveyor
  • Top sheet/Bottom sheet dispenser
  • Slip sheet / pull pak pallet magazines
  • Corrosion resistant package

Technical Data:

  • Maximum sustained rate: 30 bags per minute (1800 bags per hour)
  • Maximum pallet size: 54” x 54”
  • Maximum layer size: 54” x 54”
  • Maximum unit height including pallet: 96”
  • Maximum unit weight: 4,000 lbs.
  • Required electrical service: 60 amps @ 460 V., 60 Hz., 3 Ph. (varies on configuration)
  • Required air service: 30 CFM @ 80-100 PSI (MUST be clean and dry air)
  • Approximate shipping weight: 20,000 lbs.

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