Chantland-MHS offers 3 primary robot models. Each model brings its own unique qualities and benefits to the ever-changing market place. From the low cost EC-102 that uses less energy than a common hair dryer to the high speed EC-201 robot capable of palletizing at 20 bags per minute.

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Touch Screen Control

There are many advantages associated with our control system. Years of research and testing contributed to the development of our touch screen control package. We have listed some of the advantages that accompany each Fuji Robot model.

  • Real time I/O monitoring
  • Inventory monitoring that corresponds with specific recipes
  • Onboard error history log
  • Onboard diagnostics designed to identify errors instantaneously
  • Onboard automatic lubrication schedule system
  • 400 programmable memory recipes
  • Pre-programmed pallet patterns imbedded in the touch screen customized to meet your specifications


  • Cold Environment Upgrade
  • Harsh Environment Upgrade
  • Auto Reject Function
  • Simultaneous Multi-Size Product Handling
  • Slip Sheet Placement
  • Empty Pallet Placement

Robotic End Effectors

Robotic Palletizer Layouts

Robotic Palletizers Linear Track Design

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The EC-102 is a highly efficient Robotic Palletizer utilizing only 3.5 kva. The EC-102 is a very popular robot with the ability to meet low to medium production requirements. The EC-102 is rated at 12 bags per minute.

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The EC-171 robot has the largest working envelope of all Fuji Robots while maintaining the smallest rotation radius. The EC-171 is energy efficient using only 4 kva while still allowing the robot to work in tight space conditions and accomplishing a very high palletizing rate. The EC-171 is rated at 18 bags per minute.

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Through many years of research and development the EC-201 robot is one of the most technologically advanced robotic palletizers on the market today. The EC-201 is rated at 20 bags per minute.

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