The 1070 Series Impeller Filler is designed to fill valve style bags with high bulk density powder products such as Portland and masonry (plastic) cements, fine ground gypsum, hydrated lime, fly ash, fine ground calcium carbonate, talc, silica flours, insecticides, clay products, stucco containing fine sand only and similar products. The products can contain some sand, but it must not be greater than 150 mesh. Bulk densities should remain greater than 50 pounds per cubic foot.

Some advantages of Impeller fillers include low overall height of around 66” and lower maintenance costs compared to auger fillers. Normal life of an impeller is one year in average duty service. An impeller filler will fill a bag 2-3 times faster than an auger packer, and generally with less dust than an air packer. Controls are very simple, and maintenance is minimal.

How it Works:

The 1070 is designed to operate alone, or in a series of up to 4 fillers on a common frame. Each unit requires 5 HP supplied by one electric motor that drives a common power shaft through the series of machines. The power shaft drives the impellers constantly and a cross pinch tube is used to stop the product flow into the bag at the end of the fill cycle. The impeller has (4) replaceable tips and the hopper and bottom of the packer are all cast components, very rugged and heavy. The casting to impeller clearance is very close, and nearly all of the product will clean out by just running the unit empty. Configuring these packers on a common frame allows close centers of 13-1/2” c/c on the bag spouts and up to 4 units can be grouped together.

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Design Features:

  • Scale-beam gross weigh.
  • Impeller feeder.
  • Manual start switch.
  • Mechanical tilting bag chair.
  • Pneumatic bag clamps.
  • Dust collection hood and manifold.
  • TEFC 230/460 V., 60 Hz., 3 Ph. drive.
  • NEMA 12 electrical system.
  • 1.1/2 CFM @ 80 PSI per spout pneumatic controls.
  • Mild steel construction.

Available Features:

  • 2, 3 or 4 spout filler assemblies.
  • Automatic fill start with bag leading edge and bag in place switches.
  • Automatic bag discharge.
  • Load cell weighing with digital controller.
  • Stainless steel contact surfaces.
  • Special paint finishes.
  • Special electrical packages.
  • Supply and transition hoppers.
  • Operator deck with bag rack and operator seat for multiple spout configurations.
  • Reclaim hopper to collect spilled product.
  • Model 4208 Take away conveyor.


  • Fill Rates: (8) 94 lb. bags or (10) 50 lb. bags per minute for cement. (12) to (14) 25 lb. bags per minute for tile grouts.
  • Fill Weights: 20 lbs. to 110 lbs.
  • Weight Accuracy: +/- 6 to 8 ounces from target weight (+/- 2 to 4 oz. with load cells).

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