The 4400 Robotic Valve Bag Placer is designed to automatically place valve bags onto the spout of a valve bag filler. This placer will handle most kraft paper bags and some poly bags.

How it Works:

Empty bags are positioned on an indexing conveyor that serves as the empty bag magazine. A stack of bags is indexed into place and the bag placing suction cup head moves to the stack of bags and picks up one bag by means of vacuum suction cups. The bag valve is automatically opened and the bag is placed onto the bag spout of the filler by a Fanuc robotic arm. Once in place, the bag fills and is then “kicked” from the filler spout by the filler bag chair. Another bag is ready to be positioned on the spout at this time.

Design Features:

  • Model 4410: Places on either 1 or 2 spouts.
  • Model 4420: Places on 3 spouts.
  • Fully adjustable accommodating different bag sizes.
  • Change bag settings without tools.
  • NEMA 12 electrical controls.
  • Air: 15 CFM @ 60-80 PSI, Clean and dry.
  • Pneumatic controls.
  • Industrial enamel finish.
  • Bag Indexing conveyor can be loaded during operation.
  • Positive duck bill primary valve opener design.
  • Able to place on multiple spouts
  • Fully assembled and tested in factory prior to shipment.

Available Features:

  • Designed per application


Speeds up to 16 bags per minute, dependent upon product flow characteristics and the cycle speed of the bag fillers.

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