Model 4260 FIBC fillers are designed as either non-weigh, gross weigh or net weigh machines to fill open mouth bulk bags, tote boxes and drums with dry pelleted, flaked, granular or powdered products such as seeds, grains, chemical powders, concrete blends and similar materials. This modular design is configurable to fit any application from basic non-weighing machines used for dust collection or basic pack off lines, to a fully automated system that dispenses the empty pallet, fills the bag to the correct weight, discharges the filled bag and indexes the filled bags for transfer to storage area.

How it works:

Bulk Bags: The strap hangers move to allow easy access for the operator to position the empty bag. An inflatable neck seal secures the bag fill neck and prevents dust escape. The bag fills upon operator command and when the appropriate weight is achieved, the bag is lowered to a waiting pallet and released for removal by fork-truck or conveyor.

Tote boxes: A single empty box positioned under the fill spout will be charged with product until the correct weight is achieved. If settling, or dust collection is required these features will be incorporated. Fork-truck or conveyor can remove filled boxes.

Drums: A single pallet with four drums is positioned in the filler. The scale recognizes, and tares the weight to show zero. The drum arm and hood are manually positioned over the first drum to be filled. When ready, the drum fills to the correct weight and the fill stops. At this time the hood can be moved to the next drum and upon operator command, the drum weight will tare to zero and another drum will fill to weight. This process can be repeated to fill all drums on the pallet.

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Design Features:

  • Load cell gross or net weigh.
  • Gravity fill.
  • Manual start.
  • Inflatable bag neck seal.
  • Isolated product fill tube.
  • Dust collection port.
  • Adjustable bag strap hangers.
  • Pneumatic strap hanger release.
  • NEMA 12 electrical system.
  • 10 CFM @ 80 PSI pneumatic controls.
  • More air required for optional components.
  • Mild steel construction.

Available Features:

  • Automatic start.
  • One Button Bag Release retracts strap hangers and deflates bag neck seal.
  • Traveling straphanger, raises and lowers for easy operator access and filled bag release.
  • Automatic bag release.
  • PLC controls for greatest speed and automation.
  • Bag liner inflator by either venturi or blower.
  • Box filling hood.
  • Traveling lower platform raises to settle product in bag.
  • Knife gate inlet valve with bulk-dribble feature.
  • Drum filling arm attachment.
  • Stainless steel contact surfaces.
  • Food Grade construction.
  • Anti-corrosive package.
  • Special paint finishes.
  • Special electrical packages.
  • Supply and transition hoppers.
  • Automatic pallet dispenser.
  • Mesh belt in-feed conveyors.
  • Indexing conveyors.
  • Mesh belt or powered roller transfer conveyors.
  • Right angle, pop-up chain transfer conveyors.


  • Fill Rates:
    • up to (30) 2000 lb. super sacks per hour (gross weigh).
    • up to (45) 2000 lb. super sacks per hour (net weigh).
  • Fill Weights: 4,000 lb. capacity standard.
  • Weight Accuracy: +/- 3 lbs. of target weight.

Note: Rates and accuracy are dependent upon specific product characteristics as well as consistent flow and bulk density.

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