Conventional Bag Palletizer Features


  • Elevator Safety Bar - Mechanical hoist locking mechanism permits safe maintenance access to elevator area with elevator conveyor in up position.
  • Fiber Optic Eye - Electronically locks PLC preventing total system operation when Elevator Safety Bar is in place.
  • Elevator Photo Eye - Electronically shuts down entire system if someone attempts to enter elevator area while system is running.
  • Keyed E-Stops - At elevator discharge permits maintenance access without the possibility of the machine being started by others.
  • Magnetic Guard Switches - Electronically shuts down entire system if safety guards are opened.
  • Air System Lock-Out - Purges and locks air system to prevent actuation of pneumatic components during maintenance.
  • E-Stops - Emergency stop buttons at each control station permits operators to shut down system.
  • Flattener Safety Switch - Pull cable around bag flattener conveyor provides additional operator safety.
  • LEXAN Glass Enclosure - Optional clear enclosure between walkways and equipment with magnetic switches ensures absolutely no access by personnel while system is operating.


  • Patented Automatic Bag Turn Wheel is unique to the industry. This continuous motion bag turn wheel rotates even the softest bags 90 degrees without bag deformation.
  • Phone modem built into main control panel allows Chantland-MHS service technicians to troubleshoot, fine-tune and re-program equipment via a standard phone line, reducing costly service calls.


  • Machine designs provide stacking speeds up to 40 bags per minute.
  • PLC controller automatically synchronizes and controls all components to maintain system operation.
  • Touch screen permits personnel to operate, fine-tune and diagnose entire system from operator deck.
  • Quick changeover package allows machine to be set up for multiple bag sizes, pallet sizes and stacking patterns in minutes.
  • System compiles and stores operation, performance and production data.
  • Hour meter records actual time that equipment operates, not simply when power is turned on.


  • Stack paper, poly, poly woven and jute bags.
  • Stack bags weighing up to 110 lbs. each.
  • Stack on wooden or plastic pallets, cardboard or plastic slip sheets.


  • Our palletizers operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year in some of the most severe plant environments imaginable.
  • Each palletizer is completely set-up, hard wired and test run in our facility before shipment. All wires and terminals are numbered for efficient and accurate re-assembly at the job site.