Step by Step Bag Palletizers Process - Belt Conveyors, Robotic Palletizers, Bagging Scales - Chantland MHS
Step by Step Bag Palletizers Process - Belt Conveyors, Robotic Palletizers, Bagging Scales - Chantland MHS

Step by Step Bag Palletizers Process

Chantland-MHS Palletizer System

The step by step process.

1. Knockdown Conveyor: Accepts bags from sewing or sealing conveyor. Knocks down and turns bags to a bottom-first, face-up position for entry into the Bag Flattener.
2. Bag Flattener: Flattens, shapes and elevates bags to proper height for entry into the palletizer. Upper boom is pneumatic for quick height adjustment. Safety stop cord is standard.
3. 90-degree Power Curve Conveyor: Available in 45, 90 and 180 degree curves. Smoothly transfers bags around a corner without deforming.
4. Bag accumulation and Pacing Conveyor: Regulates flow of bags into palletizer. Rollers allow bags to accumulate during pallet changeover.
5. Checkweigher Conveyor: Weighs bags in motion and sends reject signal when off-weight bag is detected. Electronically connected to the Reject Conveyor. The control panel features a user-friendly menu.
6. Reject Conveyor: Raises pneumatically to allow off-weight bags to be discharged to the Reject Accumulation Conveyor.
7. 180-degree Bag-turning Conveyor: Turns the appropriate bags 180-degree to provide "Tags Out" or "Butts Out" layer forming. Air-operated bag guides prevent bag skewing during the turn cycle.
8. Layer Forming Conveyor/Layer Pusher: Pop-up bag stops separate bags to maintain shape. Retractable pusher plate moves half layers onto stripper plate, then swings up on the return cycle, allowing the next half layer to be forming while the first is being placed. Optional hold-down bar shown.
9. Empty Pallet Conveyor and Dispenser: Stores up to 20 empty pallets and dispenses them as needed into the palletizer. The empty pallet conveyor features a pneumatically-operated plate, which squares the pallet for proper entry into the palletizer.
10. Mainframe/Hoist: Sew-Eurodrive motor provides smooth operation of the hoist. Standard 4000 pound load uses 12.5 HP motor and #100H chain. Heavier loads can be accommodated. Counterweights are used to offset some of the load and provide constant chain tension.
11. Automatic Topsheet/Bottomsheet Dispenser: Efficiently places slipsheet using a venturi vacuum system. Alarms for no slipsheet and dropped slipsheet. Manual squaring plates for aligning slipsheet stacks.
12. Finished Pallet Conveyor: Gravity conveyor with holding space for three filled pallets is standard. Powered belt and roller conveyors are available for staging pallets or for movement into an automatic stretch wrapper.
13. Control Panel: Includes Allen-Bradely SLC programmable logic controllers and Telemacanique motor starters. Convenient modem feature allows Chantland MHS service technicians to troubleshoot, fine-tune and reprogram equipment via standard phone line, reducing costly service calls. (Other controllers and starters are available upon request.)


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