Image of Chantland MHS 4280 De-Nester
June 26, 2013
This video highlights Chantland MHS’ newest equipment design for handling large bulk boxes. This fully automated system is designed to lift the upper half of the bulk box from its nested storage position, rotate 180 degrees and reset it on the lower half of the bulk box to its filling...
Image of Chantland MHS Time Lapse System Assembly
February 3, 2014
As part of our firm priced systems, we fully assemble, hard wire and test each one in our facility. Customers regularly come in to watch their system be proven prior to shipment. This video is a compilation of time lapse images in our assembly & testing area during a three...
Image of Chantland MHS Bulk Seed Box Lid Remover-Buckhorn
June 24, 2014
This video highlights our Box Lid Remover integrated onto our Box De-Nester / Rotator designed for handling Buckhorn® boxes used extensively in seed packaging facilities. Each system we design and fabricate is fully assembled, hard wired and tested in our facility prior to shipment...included in our quoted selling price.
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