Image of Chantland MHS Bulk Bag and Box Filler
December 22, 2016
Chantland MHS Bulk Bag & Box Filling Scale System in Seed Facility - Model 4260 Bulk Bag & Seed Box filling scale capability.
Image of Chantland MHS 2400A Conventional Bag Palletizer
June 24, 2014
This video highlights a 2400A Conventional Bag Palletizer running at 35 BPM speed with tags out bag orientation taken during customer factory acceptance test. This system can stack at rates exceeding 40 BPM with typical bag patterns. Each system we design and manufacture is fully assembled, hard wired and tested...
Image of Chantland MHS Robotic Valve Bag Placers
April 24, 2013
This video highlights a Chantland MHS Robotic Valve Bag Placer during full system step-up and test in our manufacturing facility and also during start-up at customer's facility. This fully automated system is designed to pick-up and place paper valve bags onto the spouts of 4 Chantland MHS air packers which...
Image of Chantland MHS AccelPak AP2300 Bagging System
March 11, 2014
This video highlights our Model AP2300 Automatic Bag Placing & Filling System during shop test and start-up at end user's facility. The AP2300 is designed to automatically place and fill paper, plastic and poly-woven open-mouth bags with free-flowing dry solids and powder materials. It can be integrated into existing packaging...
Image of Chantland MHS AccelPak AP2600 Bagging System
April 23, 2013
The AP2600 fully automatic bag filling system for open mouth bags makes use of vertical bottom up filling and servo technology to fill bags with powder products with the highest accuracy available. The frames are made in powder coated mild steel or stainless steel...all product contact surfaces are stainless steel.
Image of Chantland MHS Robotic Palletizer - Bag View
May 8, 2015
The video depicts a customer acceptance test in our facility prior to shipment. Get a unique perspective with bag mounted camera.
Image of Chantland MHS Cross Belt Tripper - Self Propelled
February 27, 2013
This video highlights a Chantland MHS Self Propelled Reversing Cross Belt Tripper. This unit is designed to transfer dry granular product from main conveyor belt to bulk storage silos positioned along left and right hand sides of conveyor. Conveyor is controlled through PLC touch screen located at truck dump area...
Image of Chantland MHS Gravity Belt Tripper - Mech Drive
January 11, 2013
This video highlights Chantland MHS Mechanical Conveyor Belt Driven Gravity Belt Trippers. These units are designed to transfer hot granular product from main conveyor belts to bulk storage silos positioned along sides of each conveyor. A platform along the side of each tripper allows operators to ride along to control...
Image of Chantland MHS Cross Conveyor Belt Trippers
August 20, 2009
Gravity and Cross Conveyor Belt Trippers designed for filling bins and bunkers or for stock piling free-flowing bulk materials.
Image of Chantland MHS EC201 Fuji Robotic Bag Palletizer
May 13, 2010
Factory customer acceptance test of Chantland MHS Fuji robotic bag palletizer.
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